Kongo: Power and Majesty

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Editeur : Yale university
Nombre de pages : 352
Date de parution : 2015
Langue : anglais
ISBN : 9781588395757
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By Alisa LaGamma; with contributions by Josiah Blackmore, Christine Giuntini, James Green, Ellen G. Howe, Phyllis M. Martin, Adriana Rizzo, John K. Thornton, and Kristen Windmuller- Luna

The fascinating companion volume to the Met's special exhibition presents more than 170 works of art from the kingdom of Kongo—a vast swath of Central Africa that today encompasses the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Angola. This comprehensive book covers 400 years of Kongolese culture, from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, and is the first major catalogue to explore Kongo's history, art forms, and cultural identity before, during, and after contact with Europe. The works of art range from depictions of European iconography rendered in powerful, indigenous forms to fearsome minkondi, or power figures, richly illustrating the turbulent history of one of Africa's most storied kingdoms.

Winner of the Prix International du Livre d'Art Tribal.