Na crista da onda 1 – Livro do aluno

Editeur : Lidel
Nombre de pages : 52
Date de parution : 2019
Langue : portugaise
ISBN : 9789897523083
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Description :

Na Crista da Onda provides a comprehensive set of learning resources covering four language levels (A1 a B2). The manual is aimed at adolescents and young adults with a basic knowledge of Portuguese.
The approach is based on completing meaningful tasks to develop the students’ communication skills when learning Portuguese.
These manuals teach the learner not only to use correct grammatical and lexically appropriate structures, but also to interact in various social contexts.
Na Crista da Onda 1 (A1) comprises 8 units designed to simplify the learning process using texts that are authentic, stimulating and dynamic.
Over the course of the different units, diverse vocabulary activities are provided in conjunction with artwork and practical interactive speaking exercises.
Reading skills are trained by means of texts focused on the learners’ everyday life, while listening skills are taught using communicational exercises and activities suited to each language level.
All texts are provided in audio format to help developing listening skills.
The language sections present simple grammar explanations and tables in a progressive manner adjusted to the students’ communication needs.
Writing and reading skills are conveyed through interaction-oriented activities based on the topic at hand and aimed at applying what was learned in the unit.
Working in groups, students talk and listen to their classmates while analysing, summarising and presenting to develop their communications skills.
Another feature is the Quiosque Cultural (Culture Kiosk), where students broaden their sociocultural horizons through activities based on cultural aspects and trivia.
At the end of each unit, students can assess their progress by responding to a short self-test questionnaire.