Hora da história 1: livro do aluno + caderno de exercícios

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Editeur : Lidel
Nombre de pages : 192
Date de parution : 2018
Langue : portugaise
ISBN : 9789727578856
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The manual Hora da História is aimed at children who can read and write (aged 6-10) and are learning Portuguese as a Foreign Language, Non-Native Language, Second Language and Inherited Language. In addition to traditional Portuguese tales and songs that are suitable for the target audience’s skill level, the manual contains authentic texts designed to convey intercultural aspects in an entertaining and stimulating fashion. Each unit is subdivided into sections, and the Student’s book follows the story of two Portuguese cousins and their German friends living in Portugal, narrated in the section ‘A nossa história’ (Our story). The sections ‘Na tua sala de aula’ (In your classroom) and ‘Nas aulas de Português’ (In your Portuguese lessons) focus on grammar and lexical contents, interconnecting the story of the manual and the reality of the classroom setting. After school, our heroes move on to ‘Em casa da avó’ (At grandma’s), a section where the contents from the unit are further developed, basically as if it were homework. The section ‘Já Sei!’ (I know now) consolidates reading, speaking and writing skills step-by-step using explanations as well as vocabulary and grammar exercises for CEFR levels A1 and A2. Finally, there is a cultural section called ‘Hora da História’ (History lesson) that includes tales adapted by Teófilo Braga.
Hora da História relies on a communicative approach keeping in mind the different mind-sets found in the classroom, in order to meet the requirements of classes with a varied background combined with the more playful and integrative aspects of learning Portuguese.