Carte Mozambique / Swaziland

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Date de parution : 2012
Langue : français
ISBN : 9789633529287
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Description :

Mozambique at 1:2,100,000 from Cartographia with attractive hill shading and insets with street maps of Maputo and Beira. Seven different types of roads plus tracks and trails are indicated, with intermediate driving distances on main roads, petrol stations, and scenic route. Also marked are airports, bus terminals, railways, shipping routes. The map shows national parks and game reserves, waterfalls, dams, swamps, mangroves and coral reefs, etc. A series of symbols shows tourist information points, places of interest, viewpoints, various kinds of accommodation including campsites, restaurants, monuments and museums, mosques and churches, post offices and hospitals. Longitude and latitude lines are drawn at 2° intervals. Two insets show street plans of Maputo and Beira. On the reverse the map has an extensive index of place names, which includes the adjoining areas of the neighbouring countries and streets names in the two cities. Multilingual map legend includes English.

  • Scale: 1:2,100,000
  • Size: 66x97cm