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Editeur : The Inspector Cheese Adventures
Nombre de pages : 34
Date de parution : 2019
Langue : portugaise
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The outline of these drawings, sometimes made with graphite that is left upon the white of the paper, other times in pencil interspersed with various colours and intensities, always reflects a line that is determined, writhing, simple, and simultaneously distinctive. The characters leap from one drawing to another, we can recognize them, even if the colours that fill them are even more stripped of textures than their outline. As in the graphite drawings, the colour drawings can also be nuanced, complemented, imagined, (hugged) by each of us. As can the planes in these drawings – in which city, neighbourhood, room or lounge, skating ring, stage, garden, square… do these hugs take place? And which hugs are these? There are the sad hugs, the kissing-hugs, the sleepwalking hugs and those that take place in dreams, there is the fraternal hug, the arm over the shoulder, and then there are the arms that dance, and the meeting-hugs, but also the hugs/bodies that remind us of Michelangelo’s final Pietà, here presented without religion or hierarchy: Punk pietàs.”